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Flexible Giving & Your Will

A gift in a will is a popular, simple, and flexible way to give, but some assets generate more significant tax advantages than others. Consider the treatment of a variety of assets to most effectively tailor your gift to your own circumstances and objectives. 

Estate Planning

Right now, estate taxation is relatively stable and affects very few estates—but estate planning is about so much more than tax reduction. Understand the many critical reasons to plan, along with the valuable role of charitable giving in providing significant tax benefits and creating a lasting, meaningful legacy. 


Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust is a powerful tool for creating a stream of income payments (for life or a period of years) and then making a deferred charitable gift of the trust’s remaining assets. Learn more about how it works, how to tailor it to your needs and objectives, and the significant tax benefits.


Retirement Plan Assets

If you die before you have used up your retirement assets, they are heavily taxed when distributed to your heirs, but not taxed when given to charity. If you are planning a charitable gift, learn more about why retirement assets may be the right choice for donation.

Retirement Planning & Charitable Giving

When it comes to retirement planning, each life stage requires a different focus. But no matter the stage, philanthropy can play an essential part in achieving your goals. Look at time-tested giving options including wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, appreciated stock, real estate, and gift annuities.


Making a Difference

If you think that only a privileged few are wealthy enough to leave a meaningful legacy, you’ll want to read about the many flexible and tax-favored ways to make gifts of all sizes—outright gifts, gifts in your will, life income plans, trusts, pooled income funds, beneficiary designations, and more.

Real Estate

Do you own a property you no longer wish to manage? Are you looking for a tax-efficient way to pass the property to heirs or convert it into an income stream? If so, read about the charitable giving options that can unlock your property’s earning potential and create tax savings while you make a meaningful gift.

Revocable Gifts

A revocable gift is a comfortable commitment—a secure, flexible way to plan a future gift while retaining the option to change your mind if circumstances require. Learn more about gifts in your will, beneficiary designations, gifts of retirement assets, and revocable living trusts.

Gifts of Stock

If you sell appreciated stock, you pay a hefty capital gains tax. Donating appreciated stock instead allows you to avoid this tax and gain a charitable tax deduction. Learn more about how to make the most effective use of appreciated stock in either outright or life-income gifts.

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