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Providing Safe and Welcoming Spaces 

Episcopal Retirement Services is a leader in providing care, support and education for those living with cognitive loss and their care partners. ERS is a leader in providing intimate living environments, quality programming and care, innovative training programs and community outreach in an effort to make safe and welcoming spaces for those that live with the disease.

Paola Suro of WCPO 9 News recently sat down with ERS President and CEO Laura Lamb to learn about the Center for Memory Support and Inclusion. Click here for the full story.

Intimate Living Environments

ERS provides quality care and intimate living environments that are so critical to those living with dementia. ERS designed its memory care households to ensure loved ones are not overstimulated by sensory elements. We've paid attention to details such as colors, visual cues and smells that might be overwhelming for a loved one. 

ERS has a long-standing reputation for providing quality care and is exemplified by its CARF accreditation, and consistently high Medicare ratings, low staff-to-patient ratio. ERS also has been a Top Workplace for the past 10 years according to Enquirer Media.

Java Music is music therapy,  a therapeutic mutual support group program.  The main focus is to engage residents in helping each other.Enriching Programs & Therapies

ERS is a leader in programming for those living with dementia, offering a holistic set of programs for residents not found in other memory support communities. 

For the past several years ERS has offered the Living Well Memory Support Therapy program. It combines physical and cognitive exercise programs as well as a combination of art, music and horticultural therapy programs to keep residents stimulated and engaged.  The results have been remarkable as our staff and families partner to help improve the lives of our residents. 

Comprehensive Training Programs

Our caring staff is a critical component of our Center for Memory Support and Inclusion. Staff training is at the forefront of our efforts in supporting those who live with cognitive loss and their care partners.  Our staff's thorough training includes Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care program, the ERS-developed Yes, And! training program that builds on theories of improv to positively engage with residents facing challenges in their day-to-day lives.

Brandi and Bob regularly attend the Memory Cafés and enjoy meeting new people. Bob has met people who remind him that he once had great skill as a negotiator. Making connections adds relevance to his life beyond his diagnosis.Community Outreach

Finally, ERS has taken a leadership position in the Cincinnati community by providing education and training for area businesses and organizations to not only recognize the symptoms of dementia but provide tools to make their businesses safe and welcoming places for those living with the disease and their care partners. 

In partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati, UC Health and the City of Cincinnati, ERS has established Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati, and organization tasked with the goal of making Cincinnati the most dementia inclusive city in the country by 2025.

For more information about Dementia Inclusive Cincinnati, visit our website


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