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Moving a loved one into our communities opens up the opportunity for new relationships and connections. Read more about Kathy Brockman’s family and what ERS means to her.

Kathy Brockman joined the ERS family nearly ten years ago when her parents, Bob and Claire Wilson, moved into Deupree House. Kathy explained, “They lived there for about five years and just loved it! Especially my dad. He got so involved. My dad eagerly welcomed new residents and always wanted me and my brother to join them in the many activities held at Deupree. I think what really made my parents enjoy themselves was the peace of mind knowing that resident aid was available if they ultimately ran out of funds.” As Kathy’s parents’ needs changed, they moved to Marjorie P. Lee, where they currently reside.

Kathy further shared, “At first, I thought ERS was just MPL and Deupree House. I had no idea the broad reach of the work ERS does in the community, particularly Affordable Living by ERS. It makes you really appreciate the mission.” Kathy is also grateful for the many new relationships she has made at ERS, including staff and fellow volunteers on the Fund Development Committee, of which Kathy is a member.

Brockman Family

The Brockman Family


One of our most recent Affordable Living communities to come to fruition was the revitalization of The Manse. This historic building now provides 60 affordable housing units for seniors with incomes of 30%, 50%, or 60% of area median income. You can read more about The Manse and our other stories of impact in the ERS Foundation’s annual newsletter, Samaritan Times.

Deeper Connection — Linda Klump shares her ERS family experience

Moving a loved one into our communities opens up the opportunity for new relationships and connections. Read more about Linda Klump’s mother and what ERS means to her.

Linda Klump’s mother, Grace Ulm, is a resident of Marjorie P. Lee. Linda says, “Marjorie P. Lee has been a very good choice for my mother. It was my mother who deepened my involvement with ERS because of the Good Samaritan Mission. She said this would be something I would enjoy being involved in, so I followed her advice. I’ve particularly enjoyed gaining a deeper understanding of the good work of Affordable Living by ERS.

Klump Family

Linda Klump and Grace Ulm

Linda further states, “Marjorie P. Lee takes really good care of my mother. The deep connections with staff have enhanced my positive knowledge about ERS. I would encourage others to do the same.”

Looking to take advantage of all ERS has to offer? Check out our Podcast Series, which features special guests including residents, leadership staff, and experts in the field of aging services, volunteers, and donors. Click here to listen to the most recent podcast, Ambiguous Loss.

Chuck and Peggy Landes have a close connection to ERS because of their moms

Moving a loved one into our communities opens up the opportunity for new relationships and connections. Read more about Peggy and Chuck Landes’ families and what ERS means to them.

Peggy and Chuck Landes remain connected to ERS long after the passing of Peggy’s mother, Joanne, who was an MPL resident, and Chuck’s mother, Juanita, who lived at the Deupree Cottages.

Peggy shares, “Both of our mothers needed care. It was our dear friends who convinced us that ERS was the place. Juanita, Chuck’s mother, enjoyed her experience in the Deupree Cottages. And, of course, my mother Joanne loved MPL from the moment she moved in! The staff made her feel so dignified, which is so crucial during that time of her life. When we knew the end was near, she was allowed to stay in her room, and she spent her last days surrounded by all her things, special family pictures and memories.”

Landes Family

Juanita and Chuck Landes

Peggy and Chuck enjoyed their ERS experience so much during their mothers’ lifetimes that they have stayed involved through the years. Chuck serves on the Finance Committee, and Peggy is a member of the Fund Development committee. Peggy further states, “Anything we can do to help, we want to do! ERS was our home for so long; I couldn’t imagine losing that connection. And all that I have learned along the way is a bonus. The work of the Good Samaritan Mission Fund supports so much good, including a wonderful Meals On Wheels program! It is so impressive.”

Did you know that last year our Deupree Meals On Wheels program distributed 142,740 meals to low-income homebound individuals in Hamilton County? Visit our volunteer page to learn more about the many opportunities available at ERS, including Deupree Meals On Wheels.


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