Learn How to Take Care of Your Elderly Loved One — and Yourself

Episcopal Church Home - Caregiver HandbookIf you’ve recently taken on the role of caregiver for an elderly loved one, there’s no doubt you're aware of how demanding it can be. Not only do you have to shoulder an entirely new set of responsibilities, but your relationship with the older adult you're providing care for has gone through a transition as well. It can be challenging and unpredictable at times, and unfortunately, many caregivers struggle with excessive levels of stress and anxiety due to the demands of taking on such a role. 

That's why we’ve put together this handbook to provide you with as many tools and resources as possible to help you successfully navigate the many facets of being a caregiver. Download it to get more information on:

  • The definition of a caregiver
  • Services and resources for seniors and their caregivers
  • How to develop a care plan
  • How to take care of yourself in addition to your elderly loved one