See what our residents & their families have to say about Deupree House Premier Living

“I grew up in Hyde Park.  I raised my family here. My neighbors are my friends. My life is all about community.”

–Jeanne Hines, Deupree House Resident since 1992

“I’m still independent and have a great home.  But now moving again and future care needs are not a concern.”

-Miner Raymond, Deupree House Resident since 2007

"You know, people say to me, I’m not ready to move to a place like Deupree. And that is the biggest mistake you can make… But the younger you are, the easier it is to enjoy the move to Deupree House. And there is a lot of help available…. Once you’re here, take full advantage of the opportunity to participate in activities, and be physically active. I cannot overstate the fact that it’s not a time to wait. We did not wait, and I’m glad we didn’t."

-Jack Plattner, Deupree House Resident since 2007

"Although we shopped other places in Cincinnati, we kept coming back to the Deupree House. There was something about it that appealed. Maybe it was the people we met, maybe it was the other residents that we met. I think we already sensed the caringness of the staff. They just felt better and more concerned or comfortable than any staff that we met at any of the other retirement communities we had visited here in town.”

-Phil Maechling, Deupree House Resident since 2010


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