At Deupree House, our goal is to help older adults make the right choices to remain healthy and independent. By creating individualized wellness programs for our residents and staff and adopting a person-centered approach, we have chosen to be the innovative leader in creating an environment that enriches the body, mind, and spirit.

Attitude is as important as exercise, and progress must be measured against individual potential rather than a standard medical norm. Instead of asking, “what’s wrong?” the idea is to probe for “what’s right” and build a roster of activities around an individual’s passions and talents.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

The Wellness Team at Deupree House incorporates the six dimensions of wellness into our daily lives:

  • Physical: Activities for cardiovascular health, flexibility, muscular strengthening, and endurance (i.e., yoga, weight training, and running); knowledge of nutrition and medical self-care; appropriate use of the medical system
  • Social: Creation and maintenance of healthy relationships with others and nature
  • Emotional: Awareness and acceptance of feelings and the ability to manage feelings and behaviors (i.e., how you feel about yourself and your ability to cope with stress)
  • Intellectual: Encouraging individuals to expand their knowledge and skills through a variety of resources and cultural activities
  • Vocational: Determining and achieving personal and occupational interests through meaningful activities (i.e., volunteer work, learning a trade, or pursuing a hobby)
  • Spiritual: Seeking meaning and purpose in human existence, including developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics

Person-Centered Care 

Person-centered care is a common thread that runs throughout all ERS communities. Driven by a desire to exceed normal caregiving practices, person-centered care provides staff with the tools needed to interact with people on a higher level of empathy and understanding.

At Deupree House, residents enjoy life much as they always have. They choose when to wake up in the morning and when to go to bed at night, when to eat their meals, when to bathe and get dressed, and what activities to participate in each day.

ERS’s person-centered care approach is what sets its communities apart from the rest. Gone is the institutional atmosphere. In its place, ERS communities, including Deupree House, look and feel like home to our residents. And while residents remain our focus, the person-centered care approach is also employed in staff’s daily interactions with each other too.

Our team has always gone the extra mile to treat residents with respect and loving care. Still, person-centered care allows us to provide a level of freedom and personal choice previously not practiced in a nursing care environment. And when a person is allowed to make their own choices, they can approach each day with purpose and meaning.

All this is possible while maintaining the highest levels of medical care and service that often result in remarkable outcomes for our residents and their families.

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