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At Marjorie P. Lee, it’s all right here if you need it. Enriched Living Services provides options for residents who may prefer some support that enables them to fully enjoy their independent lifestyle. These services range from extra housekeeping or laundry services to regular medication reminders and enhanced dining options. Our Enriched Living packages have been designed to provide the best value for the majority of our residents. Services are also available for those who may only need intermittent support.

Hospitality & Social Support Package

  • Meal reminders and dining partners with escort services available
  • Afternoon and evening snacks daily
  • Staff check-in up to three times per day based on the resident’s need
  • Individualized life enrichment programming plan
  • Customized fitness programs
  • Daily light housekeeping including trash removal and bed making assistance
  • Weekly laundry services available
  • Enrollment in the Extended Family Program

For Example:

Mrs. Jones recently moved into Marjorie P. Lee. She found the move to be quite overwhelming, and her memory just isn’t what it used to be. She was often frustrated when she couldn’t remember things such as how to get to the dining room or when the evening activity was being held, and began to feel isolated.

After talking with a social worker, Evelyn Roehrig, about the Enriched Living Services at Marjorie P. Lee, Mrs. Jones decided the Hospitality & Social Support Package would make her life a lot easier.

That was all it took to give her and her family a great sense of relief. Now, Mrs. Jones is back to her old self; eating in the dining room with new friends and neighbors and attending activities throughout the community.

Health Services Package

  • Up to 45 minutes of daily assistance from a Resident Assistant
  • Staff check-in up to three times per day based on the resident’s need
  • Medication monitoring and reminders
  • Technology-enabled communication with a resident assistant
  • Individualized tracking available through SARA based on resident’s needs
  • Annual assessment by RN and therapist with ongoing care planning

Services requiring a licensed nurse are also offered for an additional fee.

For Example:

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have enjoyed the last four years spent at Marjorie P. Lee serving on committees and enjoying friends. But lately, Mrs. Anderson has noticed her husband sometimes forgets to take his medications, including his insulin and blood pressure medicine. With their busy schedules, Mrs. Anderson is not always around to make sure Mr. Anderson takes his medicine and to help him with support socks in the mornings.

The Andersons decided to sign up for the Health Services Package. Now, with a resident assistant’s regular visits, Mr. Anderson takes his medications on time and is able to get ready each morning without stress; while Mrs. Anderson continues her committee involvement and lunches out with friends.

At Marjorie P. Lee, we understand that everyone has different needs at different times in their lives. We will work with you to determine the Enriched Living Services package that best meets your needs, or any of the options within them. Our goal is to help you live well into the future.

For more information about Enriched Living Services at Marjorie P. Lee,
contact us at 513.533.5042

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