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What our Residents and their Families say about Senior Living at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Community

“It was the best decision I ever made. I want to thank especially (the physical therapy team) and his entire staff for their dedication and attention to detail in helping me … The professionalism of the entire staff … made my stay memorable. I can’t say enough about the aides – they rock! I will always remember (a staff member) for his kindness and always remembering to have check noodle soup and a salad without onions ready for me at lunch … I will unequivocally recommend MPL to family, friends, and business associates when asked for a referral for rehabilitative care.”
- Geoffrey W. Barnes, Sr.

“I can say as a consumer that our experience with Marjorie P. Lee has been outstanding. My wife and I stopped worrying about her mother’s care the day she moved in.”
- Michael Starke, son-in-law of resident

“I was ready. I knew I was ready when spending time on my house became less important than spending time on my life.”
–Lucy Woodward, Marjorie P. Lee Resident since 2008

“I tell anyone and everyone there is only one place to go when parents – or they – need senior care, and that’s Marjorie P. Lee.”
–Kathleen Cox, Family Member

“I wish I had moved here sooner. I have neighbors who are engaging and friendly. This is me. This is my community.”
–Aldy Kuertz, Marjorie P. Lee Resident since 2006

“This is my place. My home. Only a block from The Square. This is how I like to live. It’s all here if or when I need it.”
–David Lowry, Marjorie P. Lee Resident since 2005

“I could never have asked for – or expected the kind of care my mother received. It was professional, of course, but also respectful and loving.”
–Mary Heinlen, Family Member

“Our experience with Marjorie P. Lee has been wonderful. I think of your staff as extensions of my own family.”
–Stephen Landa, Family Member


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