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As an approach to health, wellness looks beyond the biomedical model and integrates six dimensions of wellness — physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational and emotional. Healthy living becomes an individual responsibility.

Attitude is as important as exercise, and progress must be measured against individual potential rather than a standard medical norm. Instead of asking, “what’s wrong?” the idea is to probe for “what’s right,” and to build a roster of activities around an individual’s passions and talents.

At Marjorie P. Lee, our goal is to help older adults make the right choices to remain healthy and independent. By creating individualized wellness programs for our residents and staff, we have chosen to be the innovative leader in creating an environment that enriches the body, mind and spirit.

Six Demensions of Wellness

The Wellness Team at Marjorie P. Lee incorporates six dimensions of wellness into your daily life:

  • Physical: Activities for cardiovascular, flexibility, muscular strengthening and endurance (i.e., yoga, weight training and running); knowledge of nutrition, medical self-care and appropriate use of the medical system
  • Social:  This dimension emphasizes the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships, enhancing interdependence with others and nature, and encouraging the pursuit of harmony within the family. It furthers positive contributions to human and physical environments for the common welfare of one’s community.
  • Emotional: Awareness and acceptance of feelings and the ability to manage feelings and behaviors (i.e., how you feel about yourself and your ability to cope with stress), develop autonomy and assess limitations.
  • Intellectual: This level promotes the use of one’s mind to create a greater understanding and appreciation of one’s self and others. It involves one’s ability to think creatively and rationally. This dimension encourages individuals to expand their knowledge and skill base through a variety of resources and cultural activities.
  • Vocational: This dimension emphasizes the process of determining and achieving personal and occupational interests through meaningful activities. It encourages goal setting for one’s personal enrichment and is linked to the creation of a positive attitude about personal and professional development.
  • Spiritual: This involves seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It involves developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics, and includes the development of an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe.

Our thoughtfully designed philosophy and programs enhance all areas of personal wellness with programs tailored to meet each resident’s needs.

Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Should you need physical, occupational, or speech therapy services, you may schedule your treatment by bringing your prescription to the therapy department at Marjorie P. Lee. We will schedule your initial visit as soon as possible. You may choose to have your treatments in the therapy room or in your own apartment – whichever is most convenient for you and your therapist.

Should you have any questions, call the Marjorie P. Lee Therapy office at 272-5555 ext. 7053. Any of our Wellness staff can also assist you. You can reach them at 272-5555 ext. 6669.

Integrative Therapy Services

Marjorie P. Lee is pleased to offer integrative therapy services to residents, staff and community members. A comfortable and relaxing room is conveniently located across from the Fitness Center.

Talented massage therapists that offer a wide range of massage techniques to help you relax and further your overall health and wellness. Please feel free to schedule your appointment directly with one of the following therapist’s at your convenience. Should you have any questions regarding scheduling, massage, or the therapists themselves, please contact the Wellness Center at 272-5555 ext. 7092.

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