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“At ERS, we're creating a bright future together.”

Laura Lamb

President & CEO


Since 1951, ERS has moved to worked to improve the lives of older adults through innovative, quality senior living communities and community services to older adults. 

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For Caregivers and Family of Seniors - Person-Centered Care

Caring for an elder loved one can sometimes be stressful. Whether your loved one is in need of a senior living community, skilled nursing care, assisted living, memory care or home-based services, understanding the different levels of care and all of the intricacies to consider can be overwhelming.

That’s why we have created this Caregiver Resource page. It is designed to provide you with an overview of living options, services and ideas to care for your loved one. For even more information, visit our Resources/FAQ page. Here you will find many of our frequently asked questions as well as a variety of downloadable eBooks and tip sheets.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community and what services do they offer?

When a senior living community combines all levels of care – from independent, to assisted, to memory support, rehabilitation, and long term skilled nursing – it is referred to as a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC. This type of community offers all levels of care often under one roof or on one campus,  to help seniors move through the continuum of care as their needs change

Independent Living is for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and are generally healthy. There are a wide variety of amenities, dining options, and activities available both on and off the campus. Contrary to the common notion that you will be losing independence after the move, residents find they actually have more time to do things they enjoy because they are no longer saddled with taking care of a house or condo, cooking, or driving in bad weather. ERS offers premier independent senior living at it’s Marjorie P. Lee and Deupree House communities.

Click here to learn more about our premier senior living communities.

Assisted living is for people who may need help with some activities of daily living (ADLs) such as getting dressed, bathing, putting in eye drops, taking medications, housekeeping, etc. Some communities, such as Marjorie P. Lee, have specific floors or buildings for assisted living. But both Marjorie P. Lee and Deupree House also offer an alternative to traditional assisted living called “Enriched Living.” Enriched Living enables you to stay in your independent living apartment by offering service packages that can meet your changing health care needs. This avoids another move where you have to leave your neighbors. Enriched Living assistance is brought to you rather than you having to move out of your apartment to receive it. Learn more about ERS’s assisted living and enriched living services by clicking the links.

Skilled nursing care offers a nurse on duty 24/7 along with other staff members and is designed for those who need around-the-clock assistance with activities of daily living. In a skilled nursing community there are usually long-term residents who live there permanently, and sometimes short-term residents who are there for rehabilitation of some sort such as after a stroke or surgery. Usually long-term residents and short-term rehab residents live separately. Learn more about ERS’s short term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing by clicking the links.

Memory support can be offered in nursing care or assisted living depending on the service offering of the community and the resident’s medical conditions that determine how much assistance they need. This level of care is for folks with cognitive impairment brought on by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The compassionate memory support staff at Marjorie P. Lee and Deupree House are specially trained to offer specific programs and activities to the residents and support for their families. 

What other services are available for my loved one?

For seniors who require assistance while living in their own homes we provide professional guidance and services through our Living Well Senior Solutions geriatric care management service. We provide as much or as little care management as you want and our services span everything from providing answers to insurance questions, arranging 24 hour nursing care, or even accompanying you or a loved one on a doctor’s visit. We will also act as your personal advocate during a hospital or nursing care stay and manage the transition back to your home. In short, we help you navigate the maze of health care options with an experienced, compassionate team of advisors and care experts. Click the links to learn more about Living Well Senior Solutions.

For families that are looking to support their loved ones by providing the elders in their lives with a healthy meal and some social contact, Episcopal Retirement Services also offers Deupree Meals on Wheels to older adults in the eastern area of Cincinnati.

Deupree Meals on Wheels is a service from Episcopal Retirement Services, administered in partnership with the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. Here’s what you can expect from Deupree Meals on Wheels:

Meals are prepared in our own kitchens and delivered hot or frozen  4 days a week choices available for both entrees and beverages. We provide meals to meet our customer’s dietary needs, including but not limited to, diabetic meals, low-sodium, pureed and low-fat. Our staff and volunteers, most of whom have been with us from 5 to 10 years, provide a familiar face and a smile for our customers on a regular basis.

Parish Health Ministry is a movement that encourages churches to renew their role in health care, which includes promoting health, preventing disease, responding to crisis, and emphasizing a holistic approach to wellness and health care. Lives are changed – and sometimes saved – because of the screenings and outreach the program provides.

Supported solely by donations, the Parish Health Ministry program of Episcopal Retirement Services (ERS) assists over 75 congregations of all denominations throughout Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Southeastern Ohio develop or enhance their own parish nurse/health ministry.



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