Prepare For Smooth Sailing

ERS Planning Ahead Guide for SeniorsFamily and friends rarely have the necessary information at their fingertips when an emergency occurs. Having that information on hand allows for better decisions to be made more quickly, especially if you or your family members are under considerable emotional stress at the time of a crisis. Planning ahead and getting paperwork in order can help you or your loved ones handle a crisis more effectively and confidently. Most importantly, it ensures that you have some control over your future by enabling your friends and family to act on your behalf based on your wishes.

Our Planning Ahead Guide includes resources and tips on:

  • Paying for your care
  • Planning your care needs at home
  • Assessing your senior housing needs
  • Continuing Care Retirement Homes (CCRCs)
  • Choosing your healthcare future
  • Preparing and updating wills & trusts
  • Preparing your funeral service