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What Do Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers Do?

Church-designated nurses and health ministers—who are typically volunteers from within the congregation—are trained and supported by ERS to plan, implement, and enhance the ministry. These designated individuals are supported by a health cabinet, which is an interdisciplinary team of church volunteers. This team is committed to seeing that the church’s “healing ministry” is carried out.

Roles Of Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers

Faith-Community nurses and health ministers wear many hats within their congregations. These individuals often alert parishioners about the need for medical attention, or refer them to appropriate health care providers or community resources. As a health promoter, they help members understand the relationship between lifestyle, attitudes, faith and well-being. They also advocate for individuals with regard to their health care. Other roles include:

  • Health Educator: Provides speakers and educational information on health and wellness topics.
  • Facilitator: Recruits, trains, and coordinates volunteers and support groups within the congregation and local community.
  • Monitoring & Screening: Provides non-invasive health screening activities for conditions such as blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes.
  • Personal Health Counselor: Assesses individual health needs and delivers information when needed. They also may make home, hospital, and nursing home visits.

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