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Success Stories From Church Partners

Angela-Horne-225x300""Without ERS Parish Health Ministry, there would be no health ministry at Ascension and Holy Trinity. Parish Health Ministry's support allows congregations to develop their own interests based on the needs of their parish." - Angela Horne, PHM Supporter


What help can parish health nurses and ministers give to their fellow parishoners? These success stories explain the impact these people have on so many lives:

A Blood Pressure Check Saves A Life

A parishioner, who regularly had his blood pressure checked at a monthly screening, was often told that his blood pressure was elevated. A nurse always advised that he see his primary care doctor. He always had an excuse and was afraid that he would lose his job if he was diagnosed with hypertension.

But the Nurse at that church did not give up. She continued to explain the possible complications of hypertension and encouraged him to see his physician.

After a few months her encouragement paid off. The parishioner went to his physician, who discovered a blockage in his artery and told him he needed angioplasty.

The procedure was successful. Afterward, the parishioner said to the nurse, “Thanks to your persistence and encouragement I went to my doctor, my procedure was successful and I am now on medication. I can’t thank you enough!”

Diabetes Screening Gets Needed Help

Linda attended a free diabetic screening offered by the Parish Health Ministry program at her church. When the nurse told her that her blood sugar was elevated and she needed to see her doctor as soon as possible, she was shocked!

Her doctor advised her to “cut out sugar completely” and watch what she ate. In three months’ time, Linda couldn’t believe how great she felt. Her blood sugar was in a normal range, her headaches went away, and she no longer felt dizzy and shaky.

Linda told the nurse at her church, “Thank you for the diabetic screening. It probably saved my life!”




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