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Delivering hot, nutritional meals to elders in Southern Ohio communities for over 35+ years.


Deupree Meals On Wheels — Cincinnati

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Deupree Meals On Wheels - Meals Delivered to your Home

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Since 1989, Deupree Meals On Wheels, located in Hyde Park, has provided older adults in the eastern portion of Cincinnati with warm and nutritious meals delivered right into their homes. The program strives to supplement family support by providing older adults with a healthy meal and social contact.

IMG_0019Today, fewer older adults are getting the nutrients they need to sustain healthy, productive lives. Whether it is due to an inability to prepare meals, shop for groceries, or a lack of outside support, it is comforting to know assistance is available.

The goal is to help clients remain independent longer, and with dignity. Those recovering from a recent injury or hospitalization, and those chronically ill or disabled, have found Meals on Wheels to be an excellent option. For more information, contact us at 513-561-8150.


“At age 90, my doctor realized I was getting too much salt in my diet and said I needed Meals On Wheels,” says Katherine Riley, a Meals On Wheels recipient. “It has been simply wonderful. I enjoy the visits and am thankful for what they do. I call them my “angels on wheels.’ The whole program is really great. It’s what keeps me going!”

“Thank you all. The meals are very good, sometimes a little too much! I am grateful to all of you. I love having a meal prepared for me and delivered is a plus.”





Deupree Meals On Wheels

3939 Erie Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45227

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P: (513) 561-8150

F: (513) 561-2064


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