There’s always room at the ERS table!

Live Virtual Broadcast:
Friday, October 8th, 2021
7:00-8:30 p.m.

Thank you for helping us cook up some fun-
All in support of the ERS Good Samaritan Mission Fund.

Featuring the world premiere of


Tip #1: Keep it small!

• We are taking an intimate approach to our theme this year. A small group helps keep your gathering intimate, too.

• A smaller group makes it easier to keep everyone quiet and engaged while watching the show.

• We implore you to adhere to CDC and your State Governor’s guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the new Delta variant. Please only include vaccinated individuals and those in your close circle in your social gathering.


Tip #2: Connect us with your guests ahead of time!

tellmeMore• Please share your guests’ names and email addresses.
You can also register them yourselves on our website at

• We will be sending weekly emails leading up to the gala to help them better understand the scope of ERS and the Good Samaritan Mission Fund as well as what to expect on the night of the event.

• For $250+ advance donations, your guests may wish to receive a Party Pack for Two. This includes an ERS logoed collapsible picnic basket, a choice of wine, and a variety of sweet, salty, and savory snacks. Party Packs can be picked up at Madison Villa, an Affordable Living community by ERS, between 11:00-1:30 on either Friday 10/1 or Saturday, 10/2. Madison Villa is located at 5615 Madison Road.

• Our Silent and Pay It Forward Auctions will be exclusively online. Advance sign-up is recommended to make bidding easy the night of the event.

• Some of the Silent Auction items are appealing to groups. You might want to discuss and plan with others which items you are interested in bidding on together.

• We will gladly mail the print program to your guests’ home addresses, in advance, or supply you with extra copies to distribute when they arrive. Please let us know which you prefer.

• Event information and advance registration and donation opportunities can be accessed at


Tip #3: Practice connecting your device to your big screen!

tellmeMore• Be sure you are in a location with WIFI access.

• We will be broadcasting via both Zoom and YouTube.

• If you have a Smart TV, all you will need is to be able to connect with YouTube Channel on your television and search the event with your remote.

• If you do not have a Smart TV, you can connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable. Watch this simple tutorial for instructions.

• The Zoom and YouTube links will be sent to you the week of the event.

• If you have not done this often, we recommend you practice connecting to your TV in advance to avoid technical challenges while entertaining your guests.


Tip #4: Start early!

tellmeMore• We recommend convening at 5:30 pm.

• The live broadcast will kick off promptly at 7:00 pm. You will want plenty of time for guests to arrive, socialize, and enjoy cocktails and food before settling in to watch the program.

• Consider having appetizers and light bites in easy reach for your guests to enjoy throughout the 90-minute broadcast.


Tip #5: Make it meaningful for your guests

tellmeMore• 5-10 minutes before the program begins, consider sharing with your guests your personal connection to ERS: how you are involved, experiences you have had, and what inspires you to support the Good Samaritan Mission Fund and older adults we serve. Consider making a special toast.

• As a way to get the conversation going, ask your friends to share a favorite food story/memory that helped them get through the pandemic.

• We will provide you with a collection of recipe cards to give to your guests as a gift. Recipes have been provided by individuals across many areas of ERS. They not only share a favorite recipe but also explain why it is special to them and why they support the ERS Good Samaritan Mission Fund.

• Consider asking your guests to bring their favorite recipe or a dish and share what it means to them.


Tip #6: Keep the party going!

tellmeMore• Serve a specialty dessert or after-dinner beverage at the conclusion of the event and have something fun planned like a game, fire pit, or other forms of entertainment.

• The Silent and Pay It Forward Auctions will remain open until 9:30 pm - one hour after the conclusion of the live broadcast. There is no need to be actively bidding on items during the show as most of the bidding takes place in the final hour of the auction.


Tip #7- Keep us posted!

tellmeMore• Please take photos of your party. Email them to Sarah Meyer for the opportunity to win a prize.

• At the conclusion of the gala broadcast, ask your guests what they thought of the virtual gala as well as what types of live events appeal to them the most. We’d love your feedback!

• Let us know if any of your guests would like to learn more about how they can get involved with ERS—for information about residential living options for themselves or a family or friend, to volunteer, or learn more about philanthropic needs of ERS.

For more information about the Taste for Giving Gala, and to register for the link, to receive additional information and register for the Silent and Pay It Forward Auctions, visit

Contact Joy Blang, ED of Philanthropy, with specific questions at 513-979-2313 or

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