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“Safe. Comfortable. Community Living”

This isn’t your typical housing for seniors who live on a fixed income. It’s not just an apartment building. It’s a community that offers amenities and enriched living options to help older adults Live Well Into The Future.
St. Paul Village

St. Paul Village

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St. Paul Village - Living Here | Retirement in Cincinnati

Person-Centered Care


Person-Centered Care (PCC) is the common thread running throughout all of ERS’s communities. It’s about caring for residents as individuals and respecting their beliefs, values and needs.

Life at St. Paul Village is something special. You feel that sense of warmth and community even before you walk in the door. And once inside, you see it at every turn – the friendly staff and residents, beautiful decor, landscaping and personal touches that make it home.


As an approach to health, wellness looks beyond the biomedical model and integrates six dimensions of wellness. Healthy living becomes an individual responsibility.

Attitude is as important as exercise, and progress must be measured against individual potential rather than a standard medical norm. Instead of asking, “what’s wrong?” the idea is to probe for “what’s right,” and to build a roster of activities around an individual’s passions and talents.

At St. Paul Village , our goal is to help older adults make the right choices to remain healthy and independent. By creating individualized wellness programs for our residents and staff, we have chosen to be the innovative leader in creating an environment that enriches the body, mind and spirit.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

The Wellness Team at St. Paul Village incorporates the six dimensions of wellness into our daily lives:

  • Physical: Activities for cardiovascular, flexibility, muscular strengthening and endurance (i.e., yoga, weight training and running); knowledge of nutrition, medical self-care and appropriate use of the medical system
  • Social: Creation and maintenance of healthy relationships with others and nature
  • Emotional: Awareness and acceptance of feelings and the ability to manage feelings and behaviors (i.e., how you feel about yourself and your ability to cope with stress)
  • Intellectual: Encouraging individuals to expand their knowledge and skills through a variety of resources and cultural activities
  • Vocational: Determining and achieving personal and occupational interests through meaningful activities (i.e., volunteer work, learning a trade or pursuing a hobby)
  • Spiritual: Seeking meaning and purpose in human existence, including developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics

Community Life

Life is good at St. Paul Village. With our conveniently located campus, effortless floor plans, free shuttle service, and beautiful grounds, St. Paul Village offers all the comforts of home at an affordable price. And without the headaches of home and yard maintenance!

There are countless opportunities to interact with your neighbors at St. Paul Village. Residents enjoy a community garden, a community room for parties and bigger events, a beauty salon, enclosed courtyard for gatherings, computer lab with Internet access and a fitness center. The Senior Club sponsors trips to Reds games, Coney Island, restaurants, and more. If ceramics is a hobby for you, St. Paul Village offers ceramic workshops. And there are Bible studies and dinner dances among other activities. You can be as active as you like, or simply spend quiet time reading, watching TV in the lounge, or strolling the lovely grounds.

Take a look at some of the events that residents enjoy from the community nesletter:

St. Paul Village Newsletter

Enriching Spiritual Lives

St. Paul Village began as a mission of the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Madisonville, but has always been ecumenical in its ministry. The community serves the spiritual needs of older adults from all denominations as well as those with no affiliation at all. Chaplains strive to enrich the spiritual lives of residents, with a focus on the tradition and faith journey of each individual. We are here for everyone and the St. Paul Lutheran Church is right next store should you choose to get involved there.

Regularly scheduled worship is provided for the community, as are seasonal celebrations and opportunities for faith formation. We seek and support those opportunities within St. Paul Village that honor our core values, inviting and encouraging the ministry of residents’ faith communities in our midst.

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